Below is a list of some of our forms, checklists, and other important documents that will be used in the business transaction process. Feel free to view, download, and print these documents for your review and information. We may ask you to visit this page later to complete certain pertinent documents and forms along the way or simply reference them for your personal use as a means of educating you in the business transaction process. Please note you will need the Adobe Acrobat Reader to view most of the documents below. If you do not have this application please click the Adobe logo to the right of your screen. We encourage you to contact us if you have any questions regarding any of these documents.

Questions Buyers Ask
Typical questions that buyers ask when considering the purchase of a business.

What should I look for in buying a business
Tips on finding just the right business.

Buyer Disclosure
This provides additional information to the professional broker and assists in finding an appropriate business.

Buyer Interview
This form is similar to the one used by many business brokers. It contains information that the professional business broker needs to assist a buyer in finding the best business possible.

Questions sellers ask
Some important questions that many sellers wonder about when considering the sale of their business.

Seller brochure

Seller’s business disclosure
This contains information about various aspects of a business that are important to a prospective purchaser.

You can help
This is a list of things that a seller can do to assist in the sale of his or her business.

Request for Additional Information
This provides the professional business broker with information necessary to begin marketing a business for sale.